Graduation Day - 2024

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Amidst the fading echoes of laughter and the bittersweet farewells echoing through the corridors of our beloved school, the Graduation Day of 2024 unfolded as a chapter of pure inspiration. With the theme of Carpe Diem guiding their steps, our 46 bright and spirited learners embarked on a new journey, clutching their souvenirs and certificates of graduation bestowed upon them by the esteemed guest of honor, Viivek Vimal Mashru.
Under the benevolent gaze of our Chairman, Dr. PS Moorthi, and the nurturing guidance of Correspondent Mrs. Priya Moorthi, the evening of April 12 became a canvas painted with moments of triumph. The Valedictorian awards, student of the year accolades, young achievers' recognitions, and the prestigious Arion award were all bestowed upon deserving shoulders, igniting flames of pride and ambition in the hearts of our graduates.
As the summer sun dipped below the horizon, joining the million stars in the sky, our young graduates radiated brilliance on the earthly stage, each one a constellation of dreams and aspirations. Metaphorically drawing parallels between the celestial and the terrestrial, they illuminated the night with their boundless potential and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.
In their departure from the halls that once echoed with their laughter and dreams, our graduates carry with them not just certificates, but a legacy of relevance, resistance and resilience.