Meet Our Coordinators

Meet Our Coordinators

Ms. Saranya - PYP Coordinator

At Manchester International School, IB Primary Years Programme offers opportunities to inquire through the lens of concepts to acquire 21st-century learning skills. Student Agency operates as a tool to accomplish the constructive approach in PYP. Students have the space to design and demonstrate their knowledge and conceptual understanding.

Technology plays an integral role in accelerating the learning process. Every child's ownership of learning is evident from their technical skills. We strive to enhance their learning styles and need to discover their upgraded version. The inquiry-based learning encourages a child to ask questions, identify resources, plan strategies, evaluate through experiments, go on field trips, and stage knowledge through their actions to build a sustainable world.

Every child is unique. We take the responsibility to differentiate and flourish their inner talents to elevate their skills. Involving children in international projects, events, and talk shows, integrated with UN Sustainable Development Goals, help enrich their caliber to address the global challenges and evolve as better humans.

As a PYP Coordinator, it is my responsibility to develop a learning platform to cultivate the attributes of a learner and ensure their physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social well-being to transform them into global citizens.

The Middle Year Programme, at Manchester International School, encourages students to become confident, independent and life-long learners. It nurtures the development of an understanding of the global challenges and the responsibilities we have towards our community whilst being a true global citizen. The programme equips the students with knowledge, skills and attitudes, taking them further through the journey of experiential learning. It assists students in making real world connection with its ‘Interdisciplinary Approach’ of teaching and learning. The curriculum equips the students to think critically and reflect on their decisions so that they can make the world better place.

I believe that students have varied and diverse learning styles. Hence, we ensure that we cater to them all through differentiated teaching and learning strategies. Incorporation of technology, in concept and content delivery plays a crucial role as ‘Digital Literacy’ is one of the most important competences of the 21st century. ‘Loving to Learn’ is the attitude that we would like to instill in our learners. 

Ms. Sayali Joshi - MYP Coordinator

Mr. Ashokkumar - DP Coordinator

Manchester International School is located in a peaceful environment with a convenient access. The entire atmosphereechoes the inclusive ethos of the school, making every child feel an integral part of the system. The passion driven trained Diploma program faculty makes Manchester a forward-thinking, progressive and innovative place to learn. Diploma programme aims at shaping open -minded global citizens who are sensitive to their immediate surroundings. Students are encouraged to take onus of their own learning which makes them responsible.

As a Diploma program coordinator, I encourage academic rigor along with students pursuing talents in the extracurricular fields. We truly stand for academic excellence but give more emphasis to the people they are becoming. Manchester believes in carving socially responsible students who are ready to give back to the society.