Meet Our Coordinators

Meet Our Coordinators

Ms. Vishnu Carthica - PYP Coordinator

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) works on the basis of constructivism, which posits that children learn best through experiences rather than rote memorisation; they construct their knowledge and conceptual understanding as they go.

Children by nature are curious; the learning at Manchester happens in a way that interests them. In seeking the answer, they are driven by curiosity . Our PYP classrooms are conducive to learning stations that enable the child to learn naturally using the environment. An inquiry is an essential part of our curriculum. It involves students asking their questions and exploring concepts and materials. Manchesterians appreciate the complexity of arts, play with language and the logic of Mathematics to understand the human and natural connections.

Mutual support and respect characterise the PYP classroom environment. Positive teaching develops group decision-making skills and team building. Our students learn to work together by setting their own rules leading a democratic life appropriate for their ages. By using 'active learning' strategies, teachers encourage their students to become actively involved in learning through experimentation, research, debate, projects, role plays, fieldwork, and other methods. It increases learners' interaction and curiosity.

As a PYP Coordinator, I am responsible for the overall well-being of children under my care — social, emotional, personal, and physical. Our mission as a community should be to shape a well-informed society.

"The world today is progressive in nature and educationshould prepare young minds for progress with purpose in mind, kindness in heart and meaningful action as service to the planet. The Middle Year program is the most befitting academic program which prepares adolescents for the challenges of the 21st century. At Manchester International School, we nurture the young learners without leaving any stone unturned. As the MYP Coordinator, I feel privileged to lead this journey in collaboration with an able team of IB trained teachers. We strongly believe as our learners are the future leaders and the school community choose to give them preference to lead the inquiry in classrooms and beyond. MYP students use concepts as a vehicle to inquire into issues and ideas of personal, local and global significance and examine knowledge holistically. No doubt, the curriculum will  equip our students to stand out in a crowd.

Dr. Kaivalya Menon - MYP Coordinator

Mr. Ashokkumar - DP Coordinator

Manchester International School is located in a peaceful environment with a convenient access. The entire atmosphereechoes the inclusive ethos of the school, making every child feel an integral part of the system. The passion driven trained Diploma program faculty makes Manchester a forward-thinking, progressive and innovative place to learn. Diploma programme aims at shaping open -minded global citizens who are sensitive to their immediate surroundings. Students are encouraged to take onus of their own learning which makes them responsible.

As a Diploma program coordinator, I encourage academic rigor along with students pursuing talents in the extracurricular fields. We truly stand for academic excellence but give more emphasis to the people they are becoming. Manchester believes in carving socially responsible students who are ready to give back to the society.