The Manchester Difference

The Manchester Difference

Academic Rigor, Redefined for the 21st Century

Schools that associate academic rigor with test-taking, hours of homework and rote memorization of facts are preparing students for success in the last century.

Manchester International School thrives on the opinion "An individual’s success in the 21st century will be entirely dependent on his or her ability to think critically and creatively about the challenges they face."

Manchester – Education is much more expansive as we provide our students with opportunities to explore real-world concepts and issues, challenge assumptions, think critically, and acquire skills that they will need to apply throughout their educational and future professional journeys.

Triple Accreditation Puts Us in a Class of Our Own

Yes, you read that right. Manchester International School is recognized by three accrediting bodies - the International Baccalaureate Organization, Cambridge International Education Assessment, and Edexcel by Pearson.

We think this is pretty amazing. Each accrediting body requires an in-depth self-study that involves most of the staff and takes the school a year to complete.

The commendations and recommendations of the self-study, when validated by the accrediting agencies, ensure we remain focused on our mission and progressive in our continued commitment to providing an exceptional learning continuum for our students.

Manchester didn't invent inquiry-based learning, but we sure do it well. Starting in the earliest years, our students are encouraged to post questions on their classroom's Wonder Board.

As they move up through the grades on their learning journey, their questions become the foundation of their inquiry and research into the world around them.

The genius part of this process is that the questions spark their curiosity and then their curiosity leads to more questions.

And, can you guess which questions students are more committed to finding answers for; the ones they're being asked or the ones they're asking?

If you said the latter, then Manchester International School is the right place for you.

Your Child is in the Driver's Seat of Their Education

We're happy to share the ingredients of our not-so-secret recipe for making your child into a lifelong learner but only on one condition. You must promise that you will share this recipe with the folks at whichever school you end up choosing for your child!!

  • First, give students the freedom to explore and inquire into the world around them.
  • Second, provide them with lots of opportunities for reflection as well as time for collaboration with their peers. Then, give them the tools to assess themselves as learners.
  • Next, give them the opportunity to present their learning in Student-led Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Finally, repeat these steps over-and-over for 12 years. If you followed this recipe then you will end up with children who take ownership of the learning process, have a vision to chart their own course and the strength to learn whatever, whenever needed.

Remember, students are far more committed to the outcome when they have a voice and a choice.

Academics are Just One Piece of the Puzzle

We all know academics are important, but only focusing on them is like watering one leaf of a plant.

At Manchester International School, we understand that the joy and challenge of learning need to extend well beyond the classroom so we embrace the idea of focusing on the whole child."

This means that we provide opportunities to support our students' social, emotional, and physical needs along with their academic needs.

One highly visible example of how we achieve this is through our co-curricular program which provides students with opportunities to engage in a wide array of after-school classes that extend learning from the core subjects.

Warning: Our Teachers' Passion for Learning is Contagious.

You know your children have caught the "learning bug" if they can't wait for summer vacation to end so they can get back to school.

Our students love learning because our teachers love learning.

At Manchester, we believe learning should continue throughout your whole life, and employees are constantly encouraged to pursue new growth opportunities. Teachers that find joy in the pursuit of their own professional growth translates into the kind of passion that inspires students to reach for new heights.

Differentiating Learning through a Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Forget the "one-size fits all" approach to education where one teacher teaches a large group of students all at the same level. At MIS, our multi-teacher classrooms allow us to differentiate the instruction on a small group or even an individual basis.

Teachers observe, mentor, challenge and assess while providing their students with the freedom needed to inquire, explore, and develop a deeper love of learning.

Just for the record, when we say multi-teacher classrooms, we don't mean one teacher and one assistant. We mean two to three fully certified teachers per classroom!

Oh, and did we mention that our teachers rock?

Diversity shouldn’t just be another Checkbox for us

Manchester’s population represents many countries, with more than 10 languages spoken. This means that our teachers don't have to look very far to find parents willing to come in to share stories of their heritage or life journeys.

" Diversity isn't a requirement we struggle to meet. It is a part of our lifeblood."

At Manchester, we live it every day and so our students end up being the beneficiaries of a school culture where differences in perspective are valued and contribute to the development of empathy and critical thinking skills.

Need a global perspective? Talk to one of our students.

Happiness Found in the Service of Others

We think Gandhi was so right when he said that the best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others. At MIS, we make volunteerism a key part of our student's experience.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

-Mahatma Gandhi

The best part of community service is that it is a win-win situation for the students who learn to develop empathy, humility and leadership skills, as well as the organizations the students are volunteering at as they get free labor

By now, you're probably wondering why all schools don't make all this part of their curriculum too. Yes, we're wondering that, as well!!

Public Relations

With the overall goal of forging partnerships and providing value to parents, employees, and the public, the following functions describe the roles played by school public relations

  • Manchester International School Public Relations team Promoting community input
  • Anticipating image problems
  • Providing solutions
  • Handling all aspects of district publications, e.g., external newspaper and internal newsletter, Web site.
  • Acting as the key contact for the media: writing news releases; working to get media coverage
  • Designing objective, informational materials for budget/bond issue campaigns Designing all levels of communications, including writing a crisis communication plan
  • Conducting public relations research, surveys, and polls
  • Interpreting results for management
  • Creating avenues for student/staff recognition

Training employees in the importance of public relations. The Public Relations & Events Manager supports and collaborates extensively with other schools and people across cities to develop, manage and run different school-wide programs. These programs include various competitions and events conducted inside and outside the school.

Consumer Information

Spread across 15 acres of land Manchester International School is located in a spacious suburban scenario of Coimbatore resting in the cozy foothills of Nilgiris (Ooty). School provides world-class ambiance and offers a balanced curriculum aiming at the holistic development of the child. Manchester International School is a Day Cum Residential school with an approximate strength of 1000 Students. The school plans to accommodate 150 to 200 new students every year. Apart from giving the best quality education, both curricular and extracurricular, the school caters to the other needs of the students such as dining, transportation, and security. The school is affiliated to the IBO and the Cambridge University. It is a member of the International Montessori Council and recipient of the prestigious British School Award. The school has been ranked No 1 school in Tamil Nadu by the Education world and C fore Group.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Owning up to the stature of the best International School in Coimbatore, Manchester International School truly believes that education should nurture global citizens. As members of society, students are expected to acknowledge their responsibilities towards each other as well as towards society. By virtue of being responsible global citizens, students are aware of the societal issues and contribute innovatively to address some of the challenges faced by society.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiatives thus become extremely important in the school’s endeavor to give back to society.

Manchester International School firmly believes in the ideology that the following modalities remain quintessential in order to conduct the initiative on welfare measures towards uplifting the community:

1) Community Development as a Process:

At our school, social responsibility will remain a process and it is bound to bring in social change. Prior to launching this programme our students may not exhibit interest in the planning and development activities since they are truly unaware of various problems around them. Once this movement has been launched at our premises, students develop an interest in their problems and study this collectively. In this manner community development is a significant process for bringing about socio-economic changes at the social and psychological level.

2) Community Development as a Method:

Community development is not only a process of social change but also a method for achieving our desired objectives. Our young champions are clearly taught that a particular social development programme can be carried out through law and also on the basis of force, but India is a democratic country that aims at bringing about a change with the cooperation of the people. Community development is the best method for this. It is based on the co-operation of the people.

3) Community Development as a Programme:

Students of Manchester International School are truly aware that Community development is also a programme on the basis of which the process of change shall be carried out in a democratic manner. Without a structured programme, neither the method nor the process shall have any utility. This programme at our school implies the development of society through non-violent methods and processes.

4) Community Development as a Movement:

Ultimately, our young champs get to realize that social responsibility will remain not only a method and a programme but a movement for eradicating illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty. This programme aims at bringing about a change for the welfare of the people. It was launched as a movement for the improvement of the downtrodden and it also represents a democratic movement that is getting more and more institutional day by day. Govt. at the centre as well as at the level of the states has established separate ministries for the purpose.

At Manchester, the entire gamut of social development programmes is based on the basic philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and is aimed at infusing new life in the browbeaten humans. It is intended at all-round economic, social, moral and psychological development of the society.