The MIS Difference

The MIS Difference

Manchester International School is a multiple campus school with world-class facilities which help us provide state -of-the-art facilities to our students!

Here's a rundown of what we have to offer:

World-Class Campuses

     We have two beautiful academic campuses, the main campus at Vellakinar and the junior campus at Ramnagar. The elite kindergarten campus remains a one of the kind spectacular facility that is a rarity, beyond doubt. The main campus provides accommodation for the students and staff by way of its fantastic hostel facility, a hallmark for safety and security of its inmates. This apart, the main school is adorned with a sprawling Administrative Block that engages staff for its operational functionalities. The school boasts of an exclusive resource centre, a thriving Robotic Centre, Two hugely competent laboratories, a vibrant media centre, a unique computer / IT lab, a student recreation room and 50 classrooms.

      Apart from the aforementioned facilities, the school is also decorated with an exclusive art and craft centre, aimed to tap the potential of the vocational skills of our students.

      The Junior school campus at Ramnagar is an exclusive facility for kindergarten students in the vicinity. The school is encompassed with specialized classrooms for the students and holds all requirements such as a utility hall, exclusive play things and a well equipped play area for the inmates.  

IT Facilities

     Our IT facilities are stellar, with Manchester International School being among the first schools in Coimbatore to have embarked over the most modern facilities. We have IT enabled classrooms with100 computers, 3 computer labs, 2 network servers, a wifi campus with an upgraded 10 mbps broadband internet connection, and an internet monitoring system with selective site blocking.

Recreation and Sporting Facilities

     Manchester International School is home to a wonderful outdoor stadium that is built to accommodate 1400 persons.  We have unbeatable recreation and sporting facilities, with a lush green athlete track, splendid soccer ground, a new outdoor basketball court, volleyball court and 4 indoor badminton court, Indoor skating, a trendy tennis court and a fascinating children’s playground.

Learning Resources

Our Objective: To nurture sustainable learning skills, and not just repair a faulty learning pattern.

     We have a Learning Resource Department dedicated to enhancing the quality of education for students with mild or moderate learning difficulties, applying strategies to help them become independent learners, integrate into their social environments, and develop independent skills to help them function normally. We also provide support to help all students with organization, time management and the development of study skills.

Career enlargement

     This culturally rich school provides all students with academically exciting college preparatory courses and college and career counseling programs.  A comprehensive student services team, consisting of guidance counselors, support student academic success. Our career development professionals will assess the students and provide them with the tools they would require for successfully embarking upon a rewarding future.

     Our Careers and College Advisors help students prepare for the future by selecting the right college prep high school courses, counseling them in career and college choice, providing standardized tests and other resources, researching colleges, organising university visits, and guiding students through the application process.

     It’s not enough to have the skills; you will need connections. Manchester International School advisors will help the students to secure international and domestic admissions in various disciplines by their expertise and good connections with hundreds of notable academic institutions and make introductions to our extensive list of resources.

     This is a sure way to success for our students aspiring for betterment. Our graduates continue their education in colleges and universities around the world, and our Careers and College Advisor helps students prepare for the future by selecting the right college prep high school courses, counseling them in career and college choice, providing standardized tests and other resources, researching colleges, organizing college representative visits, and guiding students through the application process, including directly sending transcripts and other application documents to colleges.

Manchester International School Accreditations

     Manchester International School accreditation reflects our past years in global education as an academically selective school preparing students for entry into colleges and universities around the world.


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