Election to the Manchester Student Council

By voting we add our voice to the chorus that forms opinions and basis for actions.’ -Jens Stoltenberg

Election to the Manchester Student Council was held at two different locations on 5 August 2022. Students from across the programmes filed their nomination for various positions, such as President, Vice Presidents, Program Representatives, Resident Hall Representative, School Editor etc. The campaigning for their respective positions were held on three days from 1 August 2022.

All the candidates were given a platform in the school assembly to address the whole school and deliver their SOPs. Attractive posters, and Walk-in campaigns added an air of formality and custom to the entire exercise.

The strict compliance to the election protocol provided an opportunity for the students to witness and exercise their fundamental right to vote in the most democratic way possible. Teachers were seen assisting the primary students to chose the best from the best. The Head of School and the academic staff also cast their vote making it a serious an affair! The chief election protocol officer will announce the results on Monday 8 August 2022. Till then it is ‘ooh la…la…la time for all of us!