Who awards IB DP studentships?

  • The Governing Body and Studentship Awarding Committee of Manchester International School awards the IB DP Studentship annually. As part of Manchester International School’s commitment to providing highly motivated and talented students Manchester offers IB Diploma Studentships to students entering Grade 11, who are proficient in English, demonstrate 21st century learner attributes, and show promise of excelling in the IB Diploma Programme.

  • The recipients of this scholarship will study at Manchester for the duration of the IB Diploma Programme, which lasts for two years (Grades 11 and Grade 12).

  • A scholarship acceptance, specifying the conditions and duration of the scholarship, will need to be signed by the school and the parents of the selected students.

How much can I receive?

  • Fees-only studentship - These cover a student's 50 % of the tuition fees.
  • A maximum of fivestudentships are offered annually
  • There will be one 50% award with the remaining awards between40% and30% of the tuition fee
  • Awards do not cover materials, uniform, exam fees, trips, boarding expenses etc.

Am I Eligible?

  • IBDP studentships typically demand that applicants have an excellent proficiency of both written and spoken English, good academic track in the last three years, and excellence in any field beyond Academics. 
  • While IBDP studentships in 2021/22 are open to any nationals, the governing body and the Studentship committee have confirmed that the applicants must be unprejudiced in outlook, with an entrepreneurship mindset and ready to take an incomparable CAS experience during the course of the study.

How do I apply for an IBDP studentship?

The application process can be lengthy, and competition is fierce.

  • You will typically be asked for your IBDP application form, a Statement of Purpose, a cover letter and your references. After the committee has reviewed your application, you may be invited to interview, where you will make a presentation (power point) on “ how the pandemic has established a new normal across the globe”

  • You will also engage in a conversation with one subject specific teacher from a subject area of your choice.

Throughout this process, the committee will scrutinize what value addition you'll bring to the School. Applicants at Manchester International School are judged on:

  • The quality of your presentation and how it connects with the vision of  the institution.

  • Your caliber, academic qualifications and beyond school experience.

Requirement to Maintain Scholarship

  • Renewal for the second year is subject to satisfactory performance and conduct during the first year as recommended by the DP Coordinator.

  • All awards run for two years of the course

  • All scholarships are reviewed by the Scholarship Awarding Committee on a semester basis to assure that the student is committed and maintains Manchester Student Benchmarks (MSB)

  • Scholarships may be withdrawn at any time if the MSBs are not met.

How to Apply

  • Download the Studentship Application form from the school’s website

  • Fill the form, scan and mail it to [email protected]

  • Please mention IBDP Studentship 2021-2022 in the subject line

  • Submit the self-attestedStatement of Purpose as attachment

  • Please write to [email protected] to know more about the scholarship.

  • To understand IB DP in detail, please mail [email protected]