Family Day at Manchester International School

Making enduring connections with students and their families is unavoidably one of the central features of IB Early Years programme.

We had chosen to conclude the Family unit with a family gathering day which will bring the families of EYP 1 and EYP 2 together as a result of our inquiries into the Family unit. It was a lovely day filled with a lot of giggles, chit-chats and laughter. The performances by the parents, grandparents, EYP team, and our rockstars were add-ons to the splendor of the event. The potluck party was a fascinating aspect of the gatherings when the family brought their traditional recipes and the kids experienced the ‘Art of Sharing’. We also organized various outdoor activities for the parents, awakening the child in them and they participated enthusiastically. No doubt… For the crowd, these memories will remain live forever.