The 21st century Learning constructs a natural coherence between identity, agency and the learning itself. Children follow natural developmental progressions in learning. These progressions are mapped as children move from one level to the next as trajectories.  

Personal journey and future inclinations go toward creating‘narratives of the self’; these selves become central to purposeful learning.

Trajectory- the Path chosen and designed, was a series of exhibitions by our PYP, MYP and DP students as they moved from one level of thinking to the other.

The Exhibition cum Talk held on 9 April 2022, was a roaring success. 

Ms. Kalki Subramaniam, eminent activist and inspirational speaker,Ms. Swathi Rohit Founder CEO Healthbasix and Mr. Aravind Jayesh, Orator and Author were the guests of honour.

Attended by parents and students across the program Trajectory inspired everyone to choose their own paths no matter what's ahead of them.