ONAM Celebrations @ Manchester International School

Unassumingly, the festival of Onam, popularly meant as the Harvest Festival of God's Own County - Kerala, is being pompously perceived as ceaseless celebrations, suggestive of an exclusive era which had wondrously witnessed the essence of the celebrated coexistence of unity and diversity...

Onam is about colours without discrimination - the floral carpet that beautifies the patio to welcome the legendary king symbolizes the manner in which differences in profusion & patterns could be accommodated wisely to exemplify oneness!

We, at Manchester International School did celebrate the feelings and the festival of Onam at the school premises, with piety and passion in abundance!!

Narrating the mythology of Onam the PYP students impeccably threaded the legend and the performances. Starting with the Pookalam, a decorative design with flowers the audience journeyed to watch Kaikottikali a graceful dance that was both enchanting and elegant by our senior girls attired in traditional Kerala sari along with fresh jasmines adorning their hair making it a wonderful sight for the eyes. The Harvest Dance, blending the rustic music and rapid footwork got the whole applauding and tapping their feet loudly. The Onapattu- Traditional Onam Song, Vanchipattu- song associated with Boat Race, and the Folk Dance added hues and rays to the celebration.

The Inter house floral Carpet competition for the Senior School, and the inter class floral decoration for the Primary School held in the morning heralded the joyous opening of a daylong celebration.

The traditional Onasadhya marked the most inviting part of the Onam celebrations. The sumptuous delicacies served during lunch included an array of traditional recipes of Kerala followed from time immemorial.

The fun filled Inter-house games, Vadamvali (tug of war) and Uriyadi (smashing the pinata) saw the day-long merriment of the festivities coming to a close!!