As you leave the four walls of this school, this community and family, it is only proper that as your school, your father, your big brother and friend, we should give you a farewell message that you must take with you as leave to face the world as our ambassadors.

While you were here, you learnt so many things from everyone within this community and your lives have been affected and touched by all that you imbibed from being students.

Learn to be yourself always no matter the circumstance, be principled, and be worthy of trust.

“it is only when the leader is truly a leader, when the lawyer is truly a lawyer, when the doctor is truly a doctor, when the soldier is truly a soldier, when the teacher is truly a teacher, when the policeman is truly a policeman, and the child is truly a child ... it is only then that our society can be restored."

As an educated person, watch the company you keep, for evil company corrupts good manners. Cultivate the virtue of patience; never be too much in a hurry, your time will come just be patient and be focused. Do not be afraid of hard work as enduring success is guaranteed by hard work.

We have no doubt in mind that if you could pattern your lives after the above principles, you will succeed wherever you find yourselves.

We wish that you be the very best in all your life's endeavors. Wishing you luck as we bid you GOOD BYE!!!