“You and I possess within ourselves – at every moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives. Knowing that is what the work is all about.”

The Kindergarten Department is the heart of Manchester International School (MIS). It is a matter of pride and joy to see our tiny tots grow into beautiful young children just as the caterpillar transforms into a splendorous butterfly. Transformation Day was celebrated on the 23rd of March, 2019, where the stupendous achievements of our tiny tots were laurelled. It was indeed a beautiful occasion to see our Pre-KG children on stage singing and enjoying themselves in their various character outfits. The LKG children displayed their understanding of blending and recognizing sight words while the UKG children proved to be proficient readers on stage. Manchester International School Grade 1 children welcomed the UKG children with a warm welcome song and a marvelous dance performance. The event was a celebration of the success achieved by the children and teachers after a year of hard work. The UKG children were awarded their graduation certificates which they received from the PYP Coordinator, Ms. Vishnu Carthica. The Kindergarten teachers were duly recognised and awarded with the special award towards their dedication & commitment in their endeavour aimed at transforming the young champions during the past academic year. Not to mention, the appreciation corner was filled with appreciative and encouraging emojis and a special photobooth enjoyed by all the children and parents. For the UKG children and parents, this Graduation Ceremony at Manchester International School will definitely be a special memory that they will look back to in the years to come.