Laughter Is Brightest Where Food Is Best!!

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat a good food” - Paul Prudhomme

Many times people avoid pursuing a healthy diet because of the misconception that healthy food is not affordable. Yet, some of the healthiest food on the plant is also the most affordable, especially when you adopt a Healing cuisines diet.

Manchester International School made a novel endeavor in accomplishing a grand PARAMBARIA UNAVU THIRUVIZHA (Traditional Food Festival), which turned out to be a fantastic event celebrating the cultural diversity within our school community!!

The school administration herein extends its mammoth thankfulness to every Young Champion of our school and the beloved Parents along with the stupendous efforts put in by our staff members, who had created some amazing recipes from around Tamilnadu and had worked hard to create a typical South Indian Ambience!!  

Every eligible class in the CBSE Block took supreme responsibility for designing and creating a recipe to share. The entire staff sorority enjoyed tasting a huge assortment of dishes pertaining to our traditional foods.

A mighty THANK YOU to the parents for supporting and celebrating with us!!