News & Events

  • Annual Sports Meet 2023

    date posted:Fri 13 Jan 2023
    Tenacious 23, the Annual Sports Meet of Manchester International School was held with great pomp on 12 January 2023.
  • Pongal Celebration 2023

    date posted:Wed 11 Jan 2023
    Pongal was celebrated with great festivity combining tradition and modernity in perfect sync. Taking the students back to roots was the purpose and the events
  • Heartiest congratulations!!!

    date posted:Wed 28 Dec 2022
    We are delighted to congratulate our young, aspiring PYPians who have set a new record on a range of platforms.
  • Education Today Award

    date posted:Wed 14 Dec 2022
    Manchester International School’ is Ranked No. 19 in India, No. 2 in Tamil Nadu & Ranked No. 1 in Coimbatore

    date posted:Fri 02 Dec 2022
    Shyam Adithya from EYP (UKG) participated in MRF NATIONAL SUPERCROSS event held in Goa and secured second place.
  • Manchester Kiddies Meet 2022

    date posted:Thu 24 Nov 2022
    Manchester Kiddies Meet 2022 an elite sporting event was hosted and organised for young learners from across Coimbatore
  • Drive Against Drugs

    date posted:Tue 15 Nov 2022
    Education is making learning purposeful, meaningful and relevant. Why we learn what we learn is a real-time negotiation! Manchester took to roads on 15 November 2022
  • Children's Day Celebration

    date posted:Mon 14 Nov 2022
    We travelled back in time and met the past us and celebrated the children we once were.
  • ISL Camp

    date posted:Wed 09 Nov 2022
    Learning is not limited to the classroom, nor it is interspersing some activities to make it seem fun. Learning in its real sense,
  • Singing Competition

    date posted:Mon 07 Nov 2022
    Music is an intrinsic part of the child's world.The little vocalists at Manchester International School
  • CAP Programme

    date posted:Sat 05 Nov 2022
    While we are busy living in a buzz, the CAP programme, which unites 10 million students from 130 nations
  • Halloween Day Celebration

    date posted:Wed 02 Nov 2022
    The Halloween Experience: The MYP students were up to all mischiefs on the Halloween Day celebration transforming classrooms into castles
  • Diwali Celebration

    date posted:Fri 21 Oct 2022
    Manchester International School celebrated Diwali at the campus on Friday,21 October 2022.
  • Seven Times One

    date posted:Tue 18 Oct 2022
    An honour of being the No. 1 International Day cum Boarding School in Coimbatore
  • The 12th Investiture Ceremony

    date posted:Fri 30 Sep 2022
    The 12th Investiture Ceremony of the student council of Manchester International School was conducted most solemnly on 29 September 2022
  • The IIMUN Coimbatore chapter

    date posted:Sat 17 Sep 2022
    The IIMUN Coimbatore chapter hosted by Manchester International School had a very magnificent start in the school’s auditorium, on September 2022
  • Ganesh Chaturthi & Krishna Janmashtami Celebration

    date posted:Sat 10 Sep 2022
    Ganesh Chaturthi and Krishna Janmashtami were celebrated at the school auditorium hosted by the events team.
  • Teachers Day Celebration

    date posted:Mon 05 Sep 2022
    Teachers Day was celebrated with great pomp and piety at Manchester.
  • Our Sixth Sense

    date posted:Fri 26 Aug 2022
    Our Sixth Sense-I organized on 13th August 2022 marks the celebration of our learning in the first theme, "WHO WE ARE".
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Competition

    date posted:Thu 25 Aug 2022
    Do It Yourself (DIY) Competition was organized to symbolize the importance of friendship in our lives, cherish the brother-sister relationship,