As we sail through the turbulent period of Pandemic that has introduced the world toa ‘new-normal’,

Socially responsible!! Are we??
Inimitable Achievement

Manchester ranked no 1 in Coimbatore and No 2 in Tamil Nadu in 'International Day Cum Boarding School Category

Nothing has deterred our Grade 5 PYP graduates from learning; steadfast, resolute and determined they kept together throughout their journey in PYP.

 We Think Global, We Act Local- Truly!

International Dimension in Schools celebrates a school's effort to include International work as part of their curriculum

As a Finalist School, Manchester International is awarded with a Silver Plaque and certificate of Appreciation from TCS iON

Achievements Infinite!
Health Matters

Manchester International School, the premium educational institution in Coimbatore joins hands with Sri Ramakrishna

MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Coimbatore is now a continuum school.

Joining the League
Driving Force behind our Success

Success is definitely the definition of hardwork. But in the Manchester International School's dictionary we will like to add commitment too to its meaning.

Empowering educators who inspire creativity for the next generation. Creativity is magic that paves way for innovation and kindles the leadership qualities.

Achievement of PYP Educators
IB PYP Digital Exhibition - Moving Boulders

The IB PYP Exhibition is a culminating learning experience in the final year of the International Baccalaureate PYP which is Grade 5 at Manchester International School.