Social and Emotional learning – Making your child future-ready”

What do we expect our children to get from their education? Are we making them future-ready? Today we all know that young learners are experiencing a changing and more complex social world. This makes it critical for educators to support their development of social and emotional skills. Manchester International School(MIS), the leading International School in Coimbatore, understands very well the importance of having human value education as a part of their curriculum. It empowers the children to make compassionate decisions for themselves and for this world. Thus, a visionary school like Manchester International School, incorporate Social and emotional learning (SEL) in their curriculum and assessments.

We are living in a world of customization of education experience as every child is different and deserves the best in life. As a leading Day Cum Boarding IB continuum school in Coimbatore, the mission statement of MIS affirms to nurture a productive adult who will be able to cope with an ever-changing world. Our Educators work on designing the curriculum by integrating empathy into the curriculum making it more purposeful.

Empathy is identified as an essential leadership skill. We can’t build a team or nurture a new generation of leaders without empathy. Learners at our school through meaningful service actions, do feel empathy towards a cause. But I feel Empathy is a life-long education and it should not be momentary in nature depending upon a cause or a situation. SEL should be embedded as an integral part of the personality of learners. We believe that any pursuit of understanding humans is severely incomplete without developing insights into how our emotions work.

To conclude, our school wants to not only create a society of ‘highly educated learners “but ‘emotionally literate’ ones as well!