Embrace Failure!

Teach children to fail!

Sounds absurd right?

Yes. Since the time of birth, we contrive success strategies for our children, irrespective of their aptitude and inclination. We strongly believe we know what is best for our children. And we teach all possible skills under the sky for them to succeed, succeed and succeed. Have you given a serious thought that how many times do we succeed in a lifetime? Of course, success is a very idiosyncratic element and its definition varies from person to person. Still, as per the societal argument, success has certain shape and colour. How many of us experience that success on a daily basis? We do not, we cannot… Does that mean we are failures?

Certain tasks we undertake do not attain the objective as per our plans. But it cannot be termed as failures as we must have learnt something new during that journey which will definitely leave us more worldly wise. Some times the journey towards your goal is more fulfilling than the goal itself. That’s why we don’t feel over excited sometimes when we touch our goal as we must have gathered so much wisdom on our way, which makes us feel modest. Goes without saying, that’s why real achievers are always simple and unassuming.

We must definitely teach our children to excel in life, but more important, teach them ‘it’s ok to fail’. Manchester International School, the leading International School in Coimbatore, teachers permit students learn to accept defeat with grace.  Even the childhood games we play with our children leaves an indelible mark in their young minds. Let’s not pretend we lost the game to make them feel elated. Play fair. Let them learn to embrace failures graciously without throwing tantrums. This lesson will go long way especially during the tempestuous teen period where their wisdom is hijacked by hormones.

The moment they learn there is nothing called failures in this world, it is only different ways of trying to reach a destination, they will not take away their lives for things as simple as scoring less marks in tests. Let’s teach them to accept setbacks in life without turbulence. Of course, they will attain this skill only with continuous practise and let’s help our children to hone this skill. Definitely the future will have a lot more to offer when each one of us have our own definition for success.