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  • Cultivating a Culture of Curiosity

    date posted:Sat 05 Jan 2019

    “The curious mind is constantly alert and exploring, seeking material for thought, as a vigorous and healthy body is on the qui vive for nutriment. Eagerness for experience, for new and varied contacts, is found where wonder is found. Such curiosity is the only sure guarantee of the acquisition of the primary facts upon which inference must base itself.” – John Dewey

    At Manchester International School, the theme that we have chosen for this term is “Unlocking Creativity”. IB PYP has “Inquiry-based learning and teaching” as its soul. Creativity is being one of the IB attitudes; we make genuine efforts to encourage inquiry and exploration to kindle their creativity.

    Grade-5’s journey of Creative writing:

    The teachers of MIS planned for a thought-provoking hook-up that make students use their critical thinking skills. Creative writing is one genre that allows students to think out-of-the-box. The teachers displayed the following items:

    1. Cracked egg shell with a miniature stone-man
    2. Spring Onion
    3. Differently shaped carrots
    4. Fish bowl beads
    5. Unicorn pen

    IB PYP learners use “8 Key concepts” as a vehicle for the inquiry to understand that everything has a form with features that can be recognized to observe, identify, describe and categorize. They reflected on the mystery elements and produced an essay using their creative writing skills. How we show up to do the work was recognized by the students. They finally reflected on manifestation of the values and the impact we hope to inspire in the world.

  • Defining Our Vision of Excellence

    date posted:Wed 02 Jan 2019

    The leadership awards for excellence in Co-Curricular Education is the first ever award programme in India, promoted to celebrate the enormous contribution of schools and school leaders in nurturing talent beyond academics in schools!!

    The short listing for the awards has been carried out b the research team at Koshient Ventures (, after a one year long intense study of over 8400 independent schools in India, based on historic data, community and parental perceptions and reviews publicly available about the schools.

    Scoolstars Leadership Awards for excellence in Co-curricular education is an unprecedented initiative to celebrate the enormous contribution of school leaders and co-curricular educators for their invaluable contributions in promoting talent beyond academics in schools

    Our new generations today are making life choices that are so divergent. They are no longer, unlike their predecessors, chasing a few socially fashionable career options like medicine and engineering.  A wide spectrum of choices has opened up for them today to build their careers on a solid foundation of what they like to do and what makes them happy.                                                                                                                                

    Our new generations are choosing to be musicians, dancers, actors, painters, news anchors, radio Jockeys and so on. Our school leaders and co-curricular educators are helping children to become happier by recognizing their passion and their innate talents and providing them with opportunities, guidance and support to nurture their talent.

    Just imagine that all this is happening in the middle of the ever growing pressure of academic assessments

    The awards commit to felicitate, encourage, motivate and recognize the contribution of such school leaders and exceptional co-curricular educators from across the country every year and shine the spotlights on them for their formidable efforts.

    School Leaders Award

    Criteria and Procedures for Award for School Leaders

    The award will be bestowed upon school leaders who:

    1. Champion new and innovative programs that consistently support identification, mentoring and recognition of innate talent of their students

    2. Encourage and support professional development of co-curricular educators through structured internal and external programs

    3. Foster the right culture and environment for students to show their innate talents beyond academics.


    Criteria and Procedures for Award for Schools

    The award is bestowed upon schools that:

    1.  Have demonstrated history of consistently encouraging and supporting intensive co-curricular education

    2.  Are known for providing every child with an opportunity to discover, recognize and nurture their innate talent promoting holistic education

    3.  Invest in high quality teaching resources and tools to promote Co-curricular education

    4.  Encourage and support professional development of co-curricular educators through structured internal and external programs.

    5.  The students of the school excel in competitions across a wide spectrum of talent domains.


    date posted:Sat 29 Dec 2018

    The 7th Annual Sports Day celebrations for Grades starting Pre-KG up till Grade 2 at the Manchester International School turned out to be no less than an epic event at the Sports Arena, inside the school premises.

    It remained an exquisitely eventful occurrence for our Young Manchesterians, to lay bare their innate talents in sports and games, on a momentous platform. Mr. Sujit Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore (Traffic) did grace the occasion as the Chief Guest of Honour during this enthralling event!!

    Our Beloved Parents flocked in with huge numbers and made an indelible presence by constantly cheering our young champions for sublime performances during the sports meet!! A plethora of events facilitated each and every student to take part actively in many events of their choice.

    Prizes were duly distributed to the winners by our parents themselves!! The entire event marked its name as one among the most remarkable event down the history of Manchester International School!!

  • Behold the spectacle of Sports!! (Grade 3 to 12)

    date posted:Sat 29 Dec 2018

    The 7th Annual Sports Day celebrations at the Manchester International School turned out to be no less than an epic event at the Sports Arena, inside the school premises.

    The event was conducted on 22nd December 2018 for Grades pertaining to GRADE 3 up till Grade 12.

    It remained an exquisitely eventful occurrence for our Young Manchesterians, to lay bare their innate talents in sports and games, on a momentous platform.

    Dr. Sylendra Babu, IPS, ADGP (GRP) graced the occasion with his thunderous presence on 22nd December 2018, as the Chief Guest of Honour. The audience, consisting of Parents, Grand Parents, Friends of MIS and the general public, were thoroughly mesmerized by the august presence of Dr. Sylendra Babu, who was a universally acclaimed personality for his courageous deeds as a Police Authority and philanthropic attitude in his life. He did distribute his much acclaimed books penned by himself, to various students during this momentous occasion.

    The chief guest had respectfully declared the event open and did light the Olympic torch during his presiding over the fabulous event.

    Our Beloved Parents flocked in with huge numbers and made an indelible presence by constantly cheering our young champions for sublime performances during the sports meet!! A plethora of events facilitated each and every student to take part actively in many events of their choice.

    Prizes were duly distributed to the winners by our parents themselves!! The entire event marked its name as one among the most remarkable event that went down the history of Manchester International School!!

  • Yet Another Milestone

    date posted:Thu 13 Dec 2018

    Manchester International School has been Ranked No.14 in India, No.1 in Tamilnadu & Ranked No.1 in Coimbatore, under the Category “India`s Top 20 International Schools" in a survey conducted by!! is one of the leading education magazines in the country, which is very popular among the K-12 Community for its market intelligence and its ability to introduce new products, services and technologies to the K-12 segment.

    In addition, Education has also showcased some of the respected & upcoming schools in its bi-monthly editions. The magazine focuses on excellence in education and comes up with six premium issues yearly. recently hosted the much-awaited National Conference & India School Merit Awards 2018 on December 8th, 2018 at The Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore.

    The conference had in attendance over 450+ delegates, 150+Individual School Decision makers, Chairman/Director's and Principals from all over India. This was followed by India School Merit Awards 2018-19 ‘Rewarding Excellence in Education’ in the K-12 sector only from all over India.

    Manchester International School would wish to grab this distinct opportunity to express its heartfelt thankfulness for the continued support and collaboration from the Students and Parents over the years, which had paved the way for sustained success!!

  • MIS Supports GRP Help App in Coimbatore!!

    date posted:Sat 08 Dec 2018

    Manchester International School has always stood behind solidly in aid of reforming the societal and social service activities of our nation. Your school had collaborated with Renowned Police Authority, Dr. Sylendra Babu, ADGP, Government Railway Police, who was in Coimbatore to launch the GRP Help Mobile Application for the utilization of the general public.

    GRP Help App is a Collaborative Effort of GRP Chiefs of all States of India. It is the official Government Railway Police App to help and empower Passengers of Indian Railways.

    With this App, Passengers can ask for Help from Government Railway Police and report complaints. They will get a confirmation SMS from GRP that help will be reaching them at next railway station. They can easily Report a Crime while traveling in trains.

    Students from Manchester International School indulged in active participation during this inauguration occurrence and had endeavoured towards making the general public furthermore aware of this fantastic mobile application and its utilities.

    Dr. Sylendra Babu did lay bare his earnest appreciation towards the partaking of the young champs of your school!!

  • Nimble Nicety!!

    date posted:Thu 06 Dec 2018

    Manchester International School wishes to lay bare its heart-full appreciation for our beloved student, Master Rehan Sulaiman, who has been, of late taking the world of Yoga in Coimbatore, by storm. This Super boy is studying in this school in Grade I, yet he remains overtly admired for his nimbleness in performing Yoga like no one of his age could dream of!!

    His achievements are being stated below for everybody to see:

    Name of the Student : Rehan Sulaiman 
    Grade: PYP – Grade 1

    1. Hari Yogalayam – State level Yogasana Championship – 2018
    Won 1st place in Category – “common and championship state level yogasana championship - 2018” held on 28th October 2018 in Coimbatore.
    (Certificate – 2nos and Trophy – 2nos)

    2. State level Yoga competition 2018-2019 conducted by SSVM world school and Ozone Yoga Center
    Ranked 1st in common category. (Certificate – 1 and Trophy – 1)


    date posted:Tue 04 Dec 2018

    This exclusive camp was primarily aimed at enhancing the health and safety aspects of our students. Manchester International School had endeavoured and successfully conducted two health camps pertaining to Eye care and Dental care today. Diligent doctors from The EYE FOUNDATION AND MARUTHI DENTAL CLINIC Coimbatore, engaged meticulously in screening our students for their Eye and Dental ailments. The Eye and dental check up for grades 1 to 12 was organized in a seamless manner.

    Ophthalmologist had the eye screening done for all students and the students with minor defects were provided with a defect form and were advised to visit the hospital clinic for enhanced diagnosis, followed by appropriate treatment.

    The Dentists screened the students for ailments, whilst advising them towards regular checkup and in addition, counseled about adhering to proper oral hygiene. The students were also issued pamphlets with an advise towards periodic check - ups once in six months for trouble-free Vision care and Dental health. The camp concluded successfully!


    date posted:Mon 03 Dec 2018

    Manchester International School looks for ways to improve our programme and the opportunities we offer students. The International Baccalaureate (IB) connects a worldwide community of learners who celebrate a common humanity and share a belief that education can help to build a better and more peaceful world. Schools offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP) bring a shared commitment to the IB’s mission through the learning community. Education is a social or collective endeavour and a benefit to the community as a whole, as well as to the individuals within it.

    Partnerships with parents benefit the students and value the perspectives they bring to the learning community. They add richness to the community by being actively involved in the life of the school to share decisions, exchange ideas, build on experiences and provide support.

    The following are some ways that parents and schools can interact in Manchester International School.

    • Parent volunteers

    • Parent evenings and parent-led events

    • Student-led conferences and reports

    • Learning celebrations

    • School-based presentations and displays

    • Student learning diaries and portfolios

    • Home–school communication journals (Newsletters, Circulars)

    • Mentoring for the Grade 5 PYP exhibition

    • Informal discussions

    At Manchester International School, our students are inquiring into (DEC and JAN):

    Pre-KG – Community Helpers

    LKG – Communicating our feelings through languages and arts.

    UKG- Celebrations and traditions are expressions of shared beliefs and values.

    Grade 1- Stories can engage their audience and communicate meaning.

    Grade 2- Writing allows us to express our thoughts and feelings.

    Grade 3- We communicate and express our thinking and ideas in different ways for different purposes.

    Grade 4- The human understanding of Earth and Space has evolved over a period of time through technological advancements.

    Grade 5- Government systems influence the lives of citizens.


    If you are interested in volunteering, please email us [email protected] and mention your area of expertise.

    0  Story telling

    0  Guest speaker

    0  Field-trips

    0  Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

    0  Community service (Student-initiated action)

    0  Facilitate an inquiry session (topic)

    0  Something else ? Please let us know

  • Guinness World Record & Asian Book of Records

    date posted:Fri 30 Nov 2018

    Believe in the unbelievable!!

    Yeah!! You heard it right!! Manchester International School has created a New Guinness World Record!!
    And if this isn’t the talk of the town, hear this…..

    Manchester International School has also created a New Asian Book of Records!! Well, if both these aren’t going to sweep you off the floor, hear this too…..

    Manchester International School is the first in the world to have created such a unique record by way of creating both the Guinness World Record and the Asian Book of Records!!

    Our gutsy students did lay bare some mind – boggling efforts today at the CODISSIA Grounds today that eventually led to history in the making!!

    Manchester International School has created a New Guinness World Record and a New Asian Book of Records in the following category:

    Most People Waving Traffic Flags Simultaneously

    The school administration extends its heartfelt gratitude to the unmatchable endeavor put in by its Students, Staff Members and Beloved Parents towards accomplishing this rare feat!!

  • From Fractions struggle to Fractions success

    date posted:Tue 27 Nov 2018

    Fractions can(not) be a nightmare for students!  


    Fractions are important part in learning math, but practicing these can be a bore. Using puzzles or maze is such a fun way to help the students understand fractions. As part of the weekend task, students of Grade 5 were asked to create their own fraction maze. Fraction maze asks students to trace a simple path through a grid of fractions in order to find the next square that defines the correct path. The task was to add a fun factor to practicing fractions so that students will actually look forward to completing their math work.

    Interventions consisting of evidence-based instructional components (e.g., concrete and visual representations; explicit, systematic instruction; range and sequence of examples; heuristic strategies; and use of real-world problems) led to improved performance on measures with fraction concepts and skills.

    Students were excited and were filled with joy when their friends tried to solve their maze.

    It was a good learning experience with loads of fun that made them ask for more such interesting task in the future. 

  • Charles Michel de l' Epee Birth Anniversary

    date posted:Mon 26 Nov 2018

    “The aim of IB PYP is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet help to create a better and more peaceful world.”

                                                                        - International Baccalaureate Organization

    Nov 24, 2018 was the 306th birth anniversary of Charles-Michel de l’Épée. The educator was famous for dispelling the misconception that deaf people were incapable of learning. Épée began to teach using a form of hand signals - to represent the sounds of the alphabet. His method was a huge success, his assertion being that deaf people must learn visually what others learn via hearing. His method of teaching laid the foundations for the future.

    A human who tries to understand the feelings of others will treat everyone with respect.  Grade 1-5 students watched the video about Charles-Michel de l’Épée. They inquired into the instructional methods of signs, how to express and spell the range of English alphabet. During the activity, we saw and heard the conversation among students. Our kids reflected on ‘How people with disabilities express themselves?’ :

    1. “We should not treat them differently, instead acknowledge and accept the way they are" - Grade 5
    2. “They need a lot of respect”. - Grade 2
    3. “We should empathize their situation, not sympathize”. - Grade 4
    4. " It is so tough to learn the hand signals, I wonder how they learned to read, write and express their names" - Grade 1

    The activity reminded us the value of compassion and a small step towards encouraging inclusiveness in the community.



  • Creatively doing Creative Writing

    date posted:Mon 26 Nov 2018

    The value of creativity in schools can be qualitative only when they prioritize. There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns. (Edward de Bono). Time, space and adaptability are factors which we considered as significant game changers for the successful implementation of “Unlocking Creativity”. We apprehended that creativity is a collaborative effort and this idea has to be seeded everywhere in the school community. Here, we express how different aspects have made this happen in our Grade 3 classroom.

    As a part of creative writing, students were asked to create a three-dimensional figure of their choice using play dough. Students added texture to their figures to make indentations on the surface of their clay bodies. They wrote an informational write up in a creative way about the model. Students were also given opportunity to present their work in explaining and justifying the model. It helped in hands on manipulation and supported the learning environment.


    date posted:Thu 22 Nov 2018

    The Annual Day celebrations at Manchester International School turned out be an extended occurrence to rejoice the culmination of the school administration and the parents, aimed towards enhancing the unyielding trust and companionship that bonds us together!!

    Furthermore, this festivity did move on the next best level when parents had taken an active role by voluntarily taking several initiatives to indulge themselves in the entertainment agenda, meant for this elite day!

    This Annual Day remained as a matchless mega episode, since the programmes were divided on the basis of two chief categories as mentioned below:

    Carnival # 1 FUNTASTIC - For Grades Pre kg up till Grade II

    Carnival # 2 TECHNOFEST – For Grades III up till Grade XII

    Carnival # 1 celebrated the evolution of Tamil Cinema starting from 1950 up till 2018 whilst.

    Carnival # 2 did commemorate the technical advancement and revolution in the Tamil Film Industry.

    Our most distinguished guest of honor for Carnival # 1 was Mr. C. Sathya, renowned Film Music Director, who had composed music for super-duper films namely, Engayum Eppothum, Theeyaa Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru, Kanchana 2 and many other blockbuster numbers for the tamil movie lover. His expertise in the field of composing music remains sublime and his sustained growth in the Film Industry has had an overtly positive influence amongst our Students and staff of our school.

    Our Distinguished Chief Guest for our Carnival # 2, Mr. V. Ponraj, has worked as the Scientific Advisor to the former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalaam. His life term association with Dr. Abdul Kalaam is perceived to be a formidable asset whilst his scientific knowledge and social engineering expertise remains unparallelled. Mr. Ponraj did possess within himself the transformational outlook towards revolutionizing the Indian society in the field of science and technology will forever remain an ideal inspiration for our young Manchesterians and the citizens of this nation.

    It should be emphasized that there was no dearth of scintillating, sensational and a dazzling display of dance programmes put up by our young champs during this programme. This Annual Day celebrations remained as an ideal platform for demonstrating the immense talents of our students in a plethora of functionalities.

    Our beloved parents, as always, turned out to be the school’s best ambassadors, since they contributed enormously towards the success of this breathtaking display of splendor and grandeur at the main auditorium of this school!!

    The school administration extends its hearty congratulations and gratefulness to our tiny tots and young champions, the entire staff fraternity, our most beloved parents, our distinguished guests and to one and everyone who had contributed towards the stupendous success of the Annual Day celebrations 2018!!


    date posted:Fri 26 Oct 2018


    Wildlife Week is celebrated all over the country in the month of October every year to protect animal life.  On this note, the Manchester International School organized different activities related to wildlife conservation to commemorate this week from October 3rd to 8th.

    IB PYP learners inquired into “rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution” through the Transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the planet”. Kids are the most important aspects of understanding the means and purposes of the celebrating the Wild Life Week. Following is the list of some activities:

    Early Years:

    Puppet show in Pre-KG. Story-telling workshop where children narrated animal stories, made animal crafts like masks, origami and used it during the workshop.

    Grade-1 Class Collage with pictures of endangered aquatic species.

    Grade-2 Discussion on “Animal Migration- an endangered phenomenon?”

    Grade-3 Drawing/Painting/sketching on “Human -wildlife conflicts”.

    Grade-4 Slogan Writing.

    Grade 5 Evolution of Extinct Animals

    Student Reflections:

    “We found that this deforestation is one of the main reasons for the loss of wildlife. In addition, population growth, expansion of agriculture and livestock, raising building of cities and roads, and pollution are the prime factors that put pressure on the natural habitat of wildlife” – Grade 4 student

    “We were eager to learn about migration of birds and animals and collected facts about different birds and animals that migrate. We also read a book ‘Magic of migration’ through which we analyzed the danger/threats faced by animals and birds during the migrating period” – Grade 2 student

    “We did a research on animals and the causes for their extinction. The evolution vs extinction is itself a science, we realized that there are few human factors that cause mass extinction” – Grade 5 student



  • Behold… It’s Raining Awards!!

    date posted:Fri 05 Oct 2018

    Education World India School Rankings 2018-19

    India’s Premier School Ranking Agency, Education World, in association with C fore, Delhi, has concluded its 12th annual Education World India School Rankings survey. A sample respondents database of 12,214 educationists, principals, teachers, parents and students in 27 cities and education hubs across India were interviewed to rate the country’s Top 1,000 schools on 14 parameters of education excellence.

    The country’s top-ranked schools in 14 categories were felicitated at the Leela Ambience Hotel, Gurgaon on September 28-29, 2018.

    We are earnestly elated to inform your good self that your school, Manchester International School, has been duly awarded the most prestigious and most coveted Number 2 International School award in Tamilnadu and Number 1 International School award in Coimbatore!!

    Your school has been adjudged as the Number 5 in STEAM Education Excellence School in India!!

    Your school administration is hugely indebted to its Students, Staff members, Parents, and the community as such, alongside all the well wishers of the school, and extends its heartfelt gratitude you for their unrelenting support.    

    This prestigious award would have been highly unimaginable without the steadfast support and encouragement from each and every individual, who had put in their mighty effort towards setting up a perfect platform, for the students to flourish and aim towards perfect progression!

    Here’s calling you all to join hands together towards developing a passion for learning and by doing so, our children will never cease to grow!!

  • Game-based learning in Grade 5

    date posted:Wed 03 Oct 2018

    To many of us, the words Math and Play have no connection or absolutely nothing to do with each other. But, young children learn math all the time through a wide variety of play experiences. From the time they are born, babies are surrounded by sense impressions. Shapes in particular are of immediate importance: babies react instinctively to the arrangement of shapes which make up the human face. So, when we discussed with our 5th graders about 'Making Learning Fun', they came with suggestions including games, dance, music in the classrooms. Here is an example of how we took in their ideas.

    Of course, it is the learning experience that refines their understanding of concepts.

    Grade-5 students are inquiring on “Fraction”. They played several online games and “Fraction Hunt”- hunting for the equivalent fractions. It was quite an exciting moment for them as they discovered all the equivalent fractions moving from one place to the other. Dance and music were also incorporated in this Math lesson. Learners enjoyed dancing to the different songs and called out the fraction linked with the song. This allowed more cognitive connections and associations with the concept.



    date posted:Sat 29 Sep 2018

    “The best poems say with words that which can’t be said with words.” - Rob Jacques

    A strong performance is one in which the meaning of the poem is powerfully and clearly conveyed to the audience. This was displayed beautifully by the students of grades 1 to 5 when they were asked to recite a poem with proper pronunciation, voice modulation and articulation.

    Students recited different poems with actions and lots of confidence. They recited the words of William Wordsworth, Robert Frost, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, W.B. Yeats, John Keats and many other renowned poets. Students were very excited and enthusiastic and performed very well on the stage. They enthralled their teachers and friends with their articulation and memory skills while reciting the poems. It was an excellent opportunity for them to gain confidence through stage exposure. Everyone was amazed and spellbound after seeing their pleasing performances. The judges of this event appreciated and applauded the performances of the children.

  • Learning PE through Math? Or Math through PE?

    date posted:Fri 28 Sep 2018

    The above defines the success of transdisciplinary learning.

    Involving learners in an active learning process, where they are provided with possibilities to interact and engage in conversations with others, is paramount to this stage of learning mathematics.

    Grade 4 students inquired into the ‘Data and Probability’ through a kinesthetic activity called ‘Sprinting Times’. They were taken to the ground and arranged in groups of 5. The start point and end point were marked on the ground. Each person from the group sprinted forward and backward for which the duration was recorded. Learners collected, organized and displayed data for the interpretation. On completion, they used the mode, median, mean and range to summarize a set of data. We believe this is an example of how learners construct the meaning based on their experiences and understanding, and to reflect upon their interactions with objects and ideas.


    date posted:Wed 19 Sep 2018

    Manchester International School has remained pioneer in leading the way towards striving to present unending opportunities to our young champs to expand their intellectual and scholastic skills in a plethora of interests!  Your school’s steadfast association with WIN Spell Bee has never failed to remain of utmost utility in uplifting the persona of numerous students, as such.

    Incidentally, Win National Spell Bee conducted the state level Contest for the academic year 2017-2018 at Manchester International School.  Our young champions had fervently taken part in the Intra-school competitions whilst those who qualified, successfully moved on to the Inter-school, District and State level competitions. The competitions were conducted in various categories for Grades I to Grades XII.

    Amazingly, 100 of our students from various categories got selected to take part in the state level competitions. The state level competitions were held on 8th and 9th of September in Venkatalakshmi School at Singanallur.  Over 200 students from various schools had taken part in the state level competition in various categories. The top fifty students from each category were selected to take part in National level competition.

    This day went down in the history of Manchester International School when our proud young champions bagged the Winner’s Trophy!!