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  • Go Green Initiatives - The Manchesterian Way

    date posted:Sat 13 Apr 2019

    Much revered and, respected environmentalist Shri. Deepam Swaminathan had made his honourable presence at your school in an informative and interactive session with our young champions!! An elaborate interaction on the ill effects of pollution and how students could immensely contribute towards creating a much greener planet were deliberated upon during this special session!!

    Our young champs were supremely thrilled to become aware of the contributions that they could make in transforming this world into much better and greener place to live in.


    date posted:Tue 26 Mar 2019

    “You and I possess within ourselves – at every moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives. Knowing that is what the work is all about.”

    The Kindergarten Department is the heart of Manchester International School (MIS). It is a matter of pride and joy to see our tiny tots grow into beautiful young children just as the caterpillar transforms into a splendorous butterfly. Transformation Day was celebrated on the 23rd of March, 2019, where the stupendous achievements of our tiny tots were laurelled. It was indeed a beautiful occasion to see our Pre-KG children on stage singing and enjoying themselves in their various character outfits. The LKG children displayed their understanding of blending and recognizing sight words while the UKG children proved to be proficient readers on stage. Manchester International School Grade 1 children welcomed the UKG children with a warm welcome song and a marvelous dance performance. The event was a celebration of the success achieved by the children and teachers after a year of hard work. The UKG children were awarded their graduation certificates which they received from the PYP Coordinator, Ms. Vishnu Carthica. The Kindergarten teachers were duly recognised and awarded with the special award towards their dedication & commitment in their endeavour aimed at transforming the young champions during the past academic year. Not to mention, the appreciation corner was filled with appreciative and encouraging emojis and a special photobooth enjoyed by all the children and parents. For the UKG children and parents, this Graduation Ceremony at Manchester International School will definitely be a special memory that they will look back to in the years to come.


    date posted:Fri 22 Mar 2019

    "Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment."

    Our Young Champs undoubtedly possess an ocean of innate talents amongst them and our TALENT HUNT SHOW remained a perfect platform for them all to exhibit their much fancied and gifted diligence during this magnificent occurrence on 18th 19th and 21st of March 2019 at the indoor auditorium of this, school!!

    The fundamentals behind organizing these competitions remained the fact so as to spot them and nurture the inborn and intrinsic qualities of our hugely talented students and in the process, to make them shed their fear and reluctance in performing on the stage and amongst a huge audience!! Well, it goes without saying that such initiatives bring about a remarkable transition within our champs and will pave way for enhanced developments of their core personalities!!

    Students did strive to put up their best ever performances in a plethora of actions meant for the day!! Our dearest students were clad in fantabulous attire and beamed with limitless confidence and were roaring to go!!!

    The competition included the following categories:
    MIME, Standup comedy,Music out of waste,craft-works,Speech...

    The Judges were confronted with a rather difficult task at hand in judging the best actions on the floor, since every performance was unique and superlative in its feat!!! The event did go down the history of Manchester International School as a much cherished occurrence!!!

  • Professional Development for Educators at MIS

    date posted:Tue 12 Mar 2019

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) provides a range of professional development for schools, including face-to-face and online workshops, webinars, blended learning and e-learning resources. Our staff is regularly engaged in professional development activities. We constantly register our teachers to attend workshops and conferences. We also hire professionals and trained teachers whose expertise together with our commitment to collaboration and distributed leadership ensures that we continue to learn from one another and we remain updated with the latest trends in international education. In addition to staff sharing and teachers leading our own professional development, Manchester International School is committed to providing the very best educational consultants for our faculty. MIS teachers can expect to receive regular training throughout the year, provided either via in­-house workshops facilitated by visiting educational experts or by attending workshops and conferences at regional events.

    This year, 15 of our teachers attended the PD workshops in Stonehill International School and Neev Academy, Bangalore.  It was an opportunity for growth-minded education professionals to come together to explore, learn and share about topics of common interest and importance in the 21st century classroom.

  • LKG on stage

    date posted:Mon 11 Mar 2019

    At Manchester International School (MIS), we believe in grooming tiny tots, developing their abilities and tapping their talents to help them grow into smart and confident youngsters. Stage presence is also an important feature that helps build the confidence of an individual. The children of LKG at MIS led the PYP assembly. Through this assembly, they were able to portray and display their integrated learning of “Animals are a part of our daily lives” and their significance in line with their current transdisciplinary theme of Sharing the Planet. The children sang various animal-themed songs, paid homage to the late Steve Irwin, and also highlighted on the impact of deforestation on animals. The assembly was indeed informative. The tiny tots executed their roles extremely well and did their teachers and MIS proud with their performance.

  • UKG Theme Assembly

    date posted:Mon 11 Mar 2019

    Delivering a special assembly is an important feature of Monday mornings at Manchester International School (MIS). The children of UKG delivered a special PYP assembly covering aspects of the current unit that they are inquiring into “Plants Play an Important Role in Sustaining Life on Earth.” MIS takes pride in grooming our children to become effective communicators and confident young people on stage. Through a delightful song, the children were able to illustrate the important elements needed for plant life to thrive. The children enacted a short skit, highlighting their learner profile attributes. The children executed their roles extremely well with minimal prompting and assistance from the teachers. Both teachers and students worked hard for a week preparing themselves for this assembly. The fruits of labour were indeed sweet with the children proving their confidence, clarity, and growing expertise on the MIS stage.

  • WOW - Well Being Out of Waste - The Manchester Way!!

    date posted:Sat 23 Feb 2019

    Hearty congratulations to one and everyone on receiving recognition as one amongst the superlatives in voluntary contributions towards betterment of the living conditions for the generations to come!!

    Manchester International School takes humongous pride in proclaiming its everlasting endeavor towards being a champion of this noble cause!!!   

     Our young wonders at school and the elderly wonders at their homes have proved an enviable task of saving 38 trees on this planet from being chopped off for paper!!

    Yes, our young champions had collected a mammoth 1. 75 tonnes of waste paper towards the school’s initiative comprising of contributions towards the Waste Recycling Programme, in association with ITC.    

    Thoroughly Formidable Phenomenon!!!

    This will be a lifelong ongoing affair for us with ITC and their CSR segment!! Huge benefits for our students and a matter of pride for each one of us in endeavoring to heal the planet!!!

    ITC’s WOW initiative, aligned with the Government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, spreads awareness about waste segregation and management through innovative methods. Awareness and motivation among children, the future of India, is critical towards achieving and maintaining the society’s cleanliness goals. The larger objective is to create a cleaner and better environment, improve hygiene, and reduce usage of landfills.

    Waste segregation and management help in the retrieval and recycling of paper, which would have been sent to landfills and proportionately contributes in the reduction of global warming. It also creates direct and indirect employment opportunities.

     Waste Recycling program, ‘WOW – Well Being Out of Waste’, has been carried out extensively over the last decade across various parts of India with the objective of providing a practical and workable solution to this challenging task. It also promotes sustainable livelihoods for rag-pickers and waste-collectors.

    During the year, in addition to Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Telangana, and Chennai, the program was expanded to Hyderabad, Delhi, Tirupathi, and Muzaffarpur. The program covers over 64 lakh citizens, 25 lakh school children and 2000 corporates. The program creates sustainable livelihoods for 13,500 rag-pickers and waste collectors by propagating source segregation at each of the households and facilitating effective collection mechanisms in collaboration with municipal corporations. It has also created over 60 social entrepreneurs as part of the initiative.

  • Brainfeed School Excellence Awards 2018-19

    date posted:Sat 23 Feb 2019

    Manchester International School has been selected for the Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2018-19 as ONE OF THE BEST SCHOOLS OF INDIA under the categories: Best School in the State of Tamilnadu / Best School for imparting Sports Education / Best School for Academic Excellence / Best School for Co -Curricular Activities.

    This One-Of-A-Kind Award was presented to your school during the much awaited Brainfeed 6th National Conference, at Hyderabad on 31 January 2019. This conference had served as an exclusive platform to showcase best practices and solutions on Teaching, Learning and Leadership for the K-12 academicians.

    The best part of the conference unfolded as the prestigious BRAINFEED SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD CEREMONY, to celebrate the transforming schools of India. Amidst the eminence of innovative educational leaders and a galaxy of intellectuals, Brainfeed felicitated your school with the BRAINFEED SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2018-19. The Jury of Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2018-19 unanimously selected your school under the prescribed criteria for transforming education and young minds through a noteworthy spectrum of initiatives and efforts.

  • International Mother Language Day 2019

    date posted:Sat 23 Feb 2019

    UNESCO promotes mother tongue-based bilingual or multilingual approaches in education – an important factor for inclusion and quality in education. In reference to its motto, the organization declared 21st February as the International Mother Language Day.

    To celebrate International Mother Language Day 2019, Manchester International School invited the students:

    1. Pre-Kg to Grade 2 to illustrate their favourite word of their mother tongue and the word could be written behind the illustration.
    2. Grade 3 to 5 to find and illustrate their favourite proverb in their mother tongue on the following topics: peace, harmony, conflict resolution/competence to deal with conflict, mindfulness, resilience, and well-being. The children were instructed to include the native script, transliteration, and translation behind the illustration.

    Manchester International School children took to this celebration wholeheartedly and we had an array of colourful illustrations from our tiny tots in the PreKg through Grade 2 children. Cute little drawings of families, mothers, fathers, fruits, shapes, animals, flowers, and the like were the produce of the musings of these little ones.

    The children of grades 3 to 5 displayed their maturity through the illustrations of their favourite proverb on topics that describe the state of our world today. The children had an opportunity to reflect on the reality of the world we are living in and how we can make an impact through our contribution.

    Overall, through this celebration, the importance of our mother language and how we can integrate it in our learning system was highlighted practically to the children at Manchester International School.

  • Promising 21st Century India Preschool Awards 2018 - 2019

    date posted:Thu 14 Feb 2019

    M.Kids by Manchester International School, has been adjudged and awarded amongst India's top promising preschools, in the category READING CULTURE, by the EducationWorld - Promising Preschools of the Future Awards 2018-19, in an award extravaganza held at Shangri – La, Bangalore on 19 January 2018!!

    The EW Promising Preschools of the Future Awards 2018 have been instituted to felicitate emerging and low-profile preschools making extraordinary efforts to introduce innovative 21st-century practices in pre-primary education.

    A prominent jury of well-informed educationists and educators including Fatima Agarkar (co-founder of KA EduAssociates, Mumbai) , Swati Menon (The Educator Development Academy, Mumbai), Dr.K.R.Maalathi(Founder CEO of Auuro Educational Services Chennai) and Sumathi Ravichander (Education Consultant, Bangalore) assessed over 300 nominated preschools in 10 categories of 21st century education excellence, such as  Best early intervention preschool for special needs children, Innovative curriculum, Extraordinary leadership, Reading culture and so on.

    The school administration takes this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratefulness for your steadfast support towards progression of your school in many a innovative manner!!


    date posted:Mon 11 Feb 2019

    Manchester International School (MIS) witnessed cute little versions of community helpers. Our very own Pre-KG children were encouraged to come to school dressed as various community helpers in accordance to the current theme. Not only did they come dressed in a variety of outfits, but they also came equipped with appropriate props to demonstrate the work that they do. Most community helpers were represented by the students' choices. Popular picks included Firefighters, PoliceOfficers, Teachers, Chefs, and Doctors. A part of the day was assigned to the children to portray themselves through actions and words. By the end of the day, both the children and teachers had a better understanding of the varied roles each community helper plays in our lives. Our budding champs experienced a fun day at MIS. The MIS community believes that hands-on learning experiences are vital and rich.


    date posted:Mon 11 Feb 2019

    Collecting, organizing and presenting data is an inherent part of our daily lives. At Manchester International School (MIS), we take pride in the fact that we prepare our tiny tots for the essentials that become part of our routine. Data handling is nothing but gathering information and then presenting it in a way that is meaningful to others.  In order to involve all tiny learners at MIS, teachers use differentiated instruction strategies. These techniques are meant to accommodate each individual child’s learning style, readiness, and interest, and they involve using a variety of different instructional methods, such as flexible grouping. At MIS, this approach was adopted where the children were given familiar stationery such as pencils, sketch pens, metal insets, popsicle sticks, etc. Each child followed their own pattern of grouping such as grouping according to size of the objects, grouping based on similarities, grouping based on colour, etc.

  • Towards Greener Initiatives...

    date posted:Thu 07 Feb 2019

    The discovery of agriculture was the first step towards a civilized life – Arthur Keith

    An agricultural sector plays a strategic role in the process of economic development of a country. It makes the significant contribution to the economic property of a country. Many of us don’t realize that and are influenced by new technologies and gadgets. To bring in awareness about the importance of agriculture Dr. Illangovan Ramasamy (Senior professor, Agriculture University) who has a strong portfolio of success in orchestrating the whole process of agro production technology service to the manufactures, corporate groups or individual, farms and farmers was amongst us to cut the ribbon and inaugurate our new garden area. He spoke about agriculture in a simple manner that all are students were excited to listen to him. He also spoke about metabolic kitchen, grafting, dibbling and how to carefully plant the seed in the soil. He planted few saplings and sowed some seeds along with our students.

  • Top School of India Ranking Survey 2018, conducted by digitalLEARNING magazine

    date posted:Wed 06 Feb 2019

    Manchester International School has been ranked as one of the best school in the Top School of India Ranking Survey 2018, conducted by digitalLEARNING magazine in November 2018 Issue!! digital LEARNING magazine is felicitated your School for being ranked in the Top Schools of India at the 9th School Leadership Summit, held on February 1st, 2019 in Bengaluru.

    Over the years, digitalLEARNING, Asia and the Middle East’s premier monthly magazine on innovations on education, through the School Leadership Summits has congregated various education stakeholders to deliberate on finest practices and innovations empowered by technological interventions. The objective of these summits is also to facilitate the top schools of India on the basis of their exemplary work in the field of education.

    Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd. & digitalLEARNING Magazine which is Asia's & Middle East's premier magazine on innovation in education.

    Started in 1997, Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd is Asia & Middle East’s premier media & technology research organisation which promotes and highlights innovation and ICT for Governance, Education, Health, Urban Development and BFSI sector.

    The organisation publishes three premier monthly magazines - eGov, digitalLEARNING, eHEALTH, and a bi-monthly ‘The Banking & Finance Post’ magazine. Elets also runs smartcity.eletsonline.com, a dedicated knowledge portal on urban transformation.

  • Republic Day Celebrations at MIS

    date posted:Sat 02 Feb 2019

    26 January will always remain a special day, filled with celebrations galore for every Indian. On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force and our country, India became the Republic. We celebrate this day as a festival every year. This year it was celebrated with much pomp and glory at our school.

     All the students assembled on the school ground at 9:00 am. Our school celebrated India’s 70th Republic Day with huge splendor and solemnity. The students took immense pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. 

    The Guest of Honour for the day was Dr. Lenin Babu V, MBBS., MS (Ortho)., FRCS(Edin), MCh (Ortho)(L.pool)., FRCS (Ortho)(Edin)., Paediatric Fellow (Sheffield)  Ortho Pedi surgeon, KMCH Coimbatore. Being a Life member of esteemed organisations like IOA, TNOA, POSI and IMA, he has presented many papers in national and international conferences throughout the world. His articles have been published in various journals and indexed in pub med.

    He has started the project called "From Wheels to Heels" where complex orthopedic problems and its management are shown in a simplified video format to the general public to allay their fears about surgery (www.leninortho.com). As a Rotarian, he is actively involved in various charity activities.

    The Chief Guest, members of the Management, Principals, Staff members and students were welcomed by our house captains. The Guest of Honour was requested to preside over the flag hoisting ceremony by our school band team. Our chief guest hoisted the National flag; the students saluted the National flag and pledged to uphold the honour and integrity of our country.

     The chief guest addressed the gathering. He emphasized the need for student participation in Games and sports. He also delivered a fine speech on inspiration and hard work through his real life experiences.

    The students brought the stage alive with their passion and love of the motherland through their speeches, songs and dance performances. The celebrations came to an end by singing the National anthem.

    The students dispersed after snacks with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their mind and heart. May we continue celebrating this day forever!  

  • Splendiferous Spelling Bee!!

    date posted:Wed 30 Jan 2019

    The young champs of Manchester International School came up trumps in the Mega Final of Win National Spell Bee 2017-18, held in the Hindustan College, Coimbatore on 30th December 2018.

    Over 400 students of 119 schools from 5 states participated in the Finals and the students from Manchester International School performed to their very best which resulted in winning many laurels for the school and made every Manchesterians much proud. Special mention is being made to ANDREA CELINE, who secured the 2nd Rank in Category 4. She gave her best shot among her counterparts and held high the winning trophy.

    The following students fall under the top 100 Ranks:
    1.  R.Enosh Joel of Category 1(Rank 6)
    2.  Anjali Damayanthi of Category 6 (Rank 10)
    3.  Mobasshara Uzma of Category 6 (Rank 13)
    4.  N. Noor Ul Jaasim of Category 5 (Rank 46)
    5.  S.P. Kanishaa of Category 1 (Rank 63)
    6.  Tejasmruthi of Category 3 (Rank 65)
    7.  Rida Fahd of Category 2 (Rank 70)

    The School administration would wish to congratulate the winners and wishes them with more accolades to follow!


    date posted:Fri 11 Jan 2019

    Metal insets are a brilliant way for children to prepare for writing. At Manchester International School (MIS), we ensure that we use these metal insets to do just that. Various shapes such as triangle, square, circle, oval, curvilinear triangle, ellipse were drawn by the little children of LKG. Their little fingers held the pencil to carefully trace these shapes. This exercise helps children to develop fine motor control needed to write small letters. This activity productively kept the children captivated and held their interest for an extended period of time. Not only did they draw the various shapes and learn the names of them, but they also drew various emotions within the shapes thus creating smiling circles, angry squares, sad triangles, nervous ovals, cool ellipses and the like. Indeed, at MIS, we always make room for innovative ways of learning!!! Another important aspect that a child learns out of this activity is that when the child draws ‘outside of the line,’ they know that they are making a mistake which they independently understand. Once they master filling the shape ‘inside the lines,’ they know that the task is accomplished. The children at MIS felt extremely satisfied with their progress and thoroughly enjoyed this activity.


    date posted:Sat 05 Jan 2019

    Social-emotional learning is a key component in teaching young children at Manchester International School. We find that a good part of our day is spent educating our early learners about how to recognize, manage and express feelings. This article encapsulates one such example from LKG classroom.

    What the PYP believes about PSPE

    Personal, Social and Physical Education (PSPE) in the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) is concerned with the individual’s well-being through the promotion and development of concepts, knowledge, attitudes and skills that contribute to this well-being. Well-being is intrinsically linked to all aspects of a student’s experience at school and beyond. It encompasses physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social health and development, and contributes to an understanding of self, to developing and maintaining relationships with others, and to participation in an active, healthy lifestyle.

    LKG inquired into the theme “How we express ourselves”, the language teachers help the students express the feelings and emotions through emojis. The activity was well liked and enjoyed by the little kids. The teachers worked and explained to the children about the types of emotions and experience that are related to them in their daily lives.  

  • Defining Our Vision of Excellence

    date posted:Wed 02 Jan 2019

    The leadership awards for excellence in Co-Curricular Education is the first ever award programme in India, promoted to celebrate the enormous contribution of schools and school leaders in nurturing talent beyond academics in schools!!

    The short listing for the awards has been carried out b the research team at Koshient Ventures (www.scoolstars.com), after a one year long intense study of over 8400 independent schools in India, based on historic data, community and parental perceptions and reviews publicly available about the schools.

    Scoolstars Leadership Awards for excellence in Co-curricular education is an unprecedented initiative to celebrate the enormous contribution of school leaders and co-curricular educators for their invaluable contributions in promoting talent beyond academics in schools

    Our new generations today are making life choices that are so divergent. They are no longer, unlike their predecessors, chasing a few socially fashionable career options like medicine and engineering.  A wide spectrum of choices has opened up for them today to build their careers on a solid foundation of what they like to do and what makes them happy.                                                                                                                                

    Our new generations are choosing to be musicians, dancers, actors, painters, news anchors, radio Jockeys and so on. Our school leaders and co-curricular educators are helping children to become happier by recognizing their passion and their innate talents and providing them with opportunities, guidance and support to nurture their talent.

    Just imagine that all this is happening in the middle of the ever growing pressure of academic assessments

    The awards commit to felicitate, encourage, motivate and recognize the contribution of such school leaders and exceptional co-curricular educators from across the country every year and shine the spotlights on them for their formidable efforts.

    School Leaders Award

    Criteria and Procedures for Award for School Leaders

    The award will be bestowed upon school leaders who:

    1. Champion new and innovative programs that consistently support identification, mentoring and recognition of innate talent of their students

    2. Encourage and support professional development of co-curricular educators through structured internal and external programs

    3. Foster the right culture and environment for students to show their innate talents beyond academics.


    Criteria and Procedures for Award for Schools

    The award is bestowed upon schools that:

    1.  Have demonstrated history of consistently encouraging and supporting intensive co-curricular education

    2.  Are known for providing every child with an opportunity to discover, recognize and nurture their innate talent promoting holistic education

    3.  Invest in high quality teaching resources and tools to promote Co-curricular education

    4.  Encourage and support professional development of co-curricular educators through structured internal and external programs.

    5.  The students of the school excel in competitions across a wide spectrum of talent domains.


    date posted:Sat 29 Dec 2018

    The 7th Annual Sports Day celebrations for Grades starting Pre-KG up till Grade 2 at the Manchester International School turned out to be no less than an epic event at the Sports Arena, inside the school premises.

    It remained an exquisitely eventful occurrence for our Young Manchesterians, to lay bare their innate talents in sports and games, on a momentous platform. Mr. Sujit Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore (Traffic) did grace the occasion as the Chief Guest of Honour during this enthralling event!!

    Our Beloved Parents flocked in with huge numbers and made an indelible presence by constantly cheering our young champions for sublime performances during the sports meet!! A plethora of events facilitated each and every student to take part actively in many events of their choice.

    Prizes were duly distributed to the winners by our parents themselves!! The entire event marked its name as one among the most remarkable event down the history of Manchester International School!!