Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


     Our mission is to provide a dynamic educational environment, by encouraging excellence. All students are challenged to reach their maximum potential by learning at their functional level to provide a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values. This foundation enables each student to become a well-educated, productive adult who will be able to cope with an ever changing world.


     Obsessed with an unrelenting focus on academic excellence, Manchester International School looks ahead with zeal in upbringing students in a diverse learning environment.  Living up to its fame of being honoured as one of the top schools in India, the prime focus of Manchester International School remains in developing caring and productive global citizens, who are critical thinkers, collaborative, and action-oriented through a truly international quality education. Manchester International School offers to its students, an individualized academic experience, shaped by a transdisciplinary approach that challenges and prepares them to effectively take on the future. Manchester International School ensures to inculcate in their students, the respect and appreciation of people from  different  cultures, religions, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds. Manchester International school vows to continually strive and instill an intrinsic desire in the students as  to always strive to meet the high expectations they have set for themselves, no matter what their goals are.

     We aim to assist the total development of a child in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and cultural aspects by:

  • Providing concrete learning material and allowing opportunities to explore discover and comprehend
  • Providing positive learning environment where learning is fun and a part of life
  • Teaching children how to learn and not to learn what we teach only
  • Developing gross and fine muscular control and co-ordination through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities
  • Developing communicative skills through songs and dance, music and movement, books and literature, speech and drama and creative art and craft
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle through exercises, relaxation, balanced diet and personal hygiene
  • Fostering positive relationships with friends and family through sharing and caring

     The child will learn to care for and respect others, develop a natural curiosity in the world around him, nurture a love of learning and will be able to balance responsibility with freedom of choice. He will be given the opportunity to realize his potential and promote:

  • Self confidence and self esteem
  • A sense of achievement and self worth
  • A sense of responsibility
  • Independence and adaptability
  • Co-operation with others
  • A sense of community respect for the rights and needs of others
  • Concentration and perseverance in completing a task


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