Creative Art

Creative Art

     We are a very creative school and the Art and Design Departments is a magnet for our artistic and design orientated students. Starting from KG, students participate in the Visual Arts Program. The Visual Arts Program at MIS allows students to express feelings and ideas while making connections to the world around them. Students experiment with various mediums, including digital art. Projects include clay animals, origami and a lot more. Students’ various works of art are displayed throughout the school in their respective classes during the year, but they are also featured in the culminating Action day event. This exhibit showcases their natural and creative talents. At MIS students are taught Visual Art using a balanced approach where they engage in art making activities, learn about art history, have opportunities to critique art, and reflect on their learning. Students strengthen their abilities to plan their ideas first and then work through the design and creative processes to complete a work of art. Both this creative process and several finished works are documented in each student’s art book.

     Students have the opportunity to dab their brushes in paint, sketch from observation and imagination, roll brayers in ink to make prints, make scissors dance creating collages, squeeze and roll clay, and work with a wide range of other materials to create both . Students explore a range of fine art styles and techniques throughout Grades 1 to 12, and also learn about crafts from a wide variety of cultures and countries. The curriculum is enhanced by Arts Field trips, giving students a chance to experience art and art-making in a variety of settings outside the school, from museums to mountains. Each year, several projects are aligned with PYP units. This allows for strong connections to be made across trans-disciplinary themes, giving students opportunities to express themselves and their understanding in a variety of ways. Each grade also has one Arts Collaboration in which all Arts Specialists are involved. Through this collaboration, the students’ creativity truly blossoms as they are able to see an idea connect through visual art, music, dance, and drama.

     The Visual Arts curriculum is designed to build skills, techniques, and understandings within the arts as they progress through the grade levels. Over time, the students’ understanding of how to use a variety of materials, work in various techniques, see art across time and cultures, and develop their own ideas and expressions will also grow.


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